Families face special educational needs help postcode lottery

hddtukFamilies of children with special educational needs are facing a postcode lottery to get extra help at schools, BBC 5 live Investigates suggests.

Figures from 125 councils in England and Wales obtained by a Freedom of Information request found a huge range in responses to assessment requests.

On average half of all requests by parents to get help are turned down.

The Local Government Association says standards are clearly set to try to meet the needs of each child.

Around one in five children in England and Wales has special educational needs (SEN) and is eligible for extra help at school.

The first step to getting help, over and above what can normally be provided in mainstream schools, is to request an assessment from the local education authority.

Refused help

A Freedom of Information Request relating to applications for an initial assessment found when parents asked for an assessment they were on average more than twice as likely to be turned down as a school or professional making the request.

Is the cost of exam remarking putting off state schools

sfjtujhfThe stakes are high for getting the right exam grades. For pupils it can mean the difference between gaining or missing out on a university place. For a school it can mean changes in league tables.

But what happens if there are doubts over the accuracy of the marking?

Last week, private school head teachers launched a scathing attack on the exam marking system, accusing it of too often delivering “frankly unbelievable marks or grades”.

This is likely to be pursued by the education select committee on Wednesday, when MPs examine the homework of the exam regulator, Ofqual.

What has come under less scrutiny is the spiralling cost of this uncertainty about marking. And there is evidence that this cost is becoming an unequal barrier.

A-level and GCSE grades challenged
Grades challenged Grades changed
2010 189,950 34,800
2011 233,350 38,450
2012 291,100 46,250
2013 329,750 54,400
2014 414,850 77,400

Schools and parents have to pay to get papers re-marked, with the fee waived if the grade is changed.

There has been a remarkable increase in people questioning their exam

Homesick students heading for home say train companies

dgkuydkFreshers Week might only just have finished in some cases, but it seems that young people across the country are not ready to settle just yet – especially as the Freshers’ blues start to kick-in.

Analysis of rail journeys by the Association of Train Operating Companies (Atoc), reveals that this week – and October 13 in particular – will witness a spike in travel by 16-25 Railcard holders.

In fact, of the 1.7 million journeys made across the rail network during the third week in October last year, some 337,000 were made on 16-25 Railcards, representing a 28 per cent increase on the average number of journeys made throughout the year by 16-25 Railcard holders.

According to Atoc, the increase is second only to the Christmas period.

Going to university can be a ” daunting experience”  Photo: Alamy

The figures also reveal the top five cities based on an increase in 16-25 Railcard use over this week.

Exeter takes the top spot, with

Spring clean your workout wardrobe

Spring is around the corner so it’s time to get your active wear in order.  Whether you enjoy running, biking, skateboarding, rollerblading or just plain walking check your closet and replace your old worn out footwear, jogging shorts, t-shirts and socks.  Exercising in old active wear is unadvisable for a number of reasons and these should be addressed before beginning a new season.  6 pm has a wide variety of active wear and accessories to assist in upgrading your wardrobe.

When looking at your footwear look for tread wear on the soles but it is also important to consider the midsole material.  It can breakdown providing less shock absorption making your feet and shins susceptible to injury like tendonitis or shin splints.  It can also harbor microscopic germs that lead to athlete’s foot.  Reduced support can lead to pronation of the foot or ankle which can increase the possibility of injury.

Test your running shoe’s rigidity by checking give of the midsole; it should be rigid. If it is soft, it can indicate the shoe may no longer be suitable for running and appropriate shock absorption.  Check the sole to determine the tread wear.  If the

Online High School – A Place to Reckon With

Internet is known for transforming the way things are done. The educational field has went through such transformation as evident from the emergence cyber high school courses. Students now are able to attain their diploma from the comfort of their home. Apart from this, there are several other benefits that have come up with the advent of the cyber high school courses:

  1. The scope of the course work is widened through online medium. Students can learn various disciplines from advanced math to guitar lessons.
  2. They give the adults an opportunity to balance their jobs, and family life along with the diploma courses.
  3. They take pep rallies, and fixed lunch hour out of equation.
  4. Students have the luxury of choosing their schools instead of necessarily going for the regional school.
  5. The education can be completed in much lesser time when compared with a traditional school.
  6. They help students overcome the financial challenges through financial aids and scholarships.

Many of the cyber high school courses are provided by the non-profit schools, and public university systems. Some of these schools obligate students to reside in-state or in the school district itself. Online high school programs serve a wide spectrum of students that includes students:

  • That age more than the traditional high

Graduate As a Leader

Every student starts with stars in his or her eyes. At the start of your career, you always want to aim for the top, go all the way, shine like a star and set an example in professional life for everyone to follow. When you are aiming at one of the top universities in Jaipur you may have a muddle of roles in your mind for the future.

You will intend to lead an organisation to success in any business environment and will be looking at any top b school in Jaipur Rajasthan to help you fulfil this objective of yours. Obviously, along with a broad range of practical skills you can apply immediately in your workplace, you’ll graduate as a leader in your field. There are a range of roles to consider: as a Chief Executive Officer or CEO, you are at the top of the organisation. You will be responsible for the over reaching strategic planning of the future of a business, looking far into the future and also from one quarter to the next, guiding your company through ups and downs on a steady course.Or you can consider being a Strategic Manager.

A strategic manager is a vital cog

Early childhood education

This is a crucial part of the child’s ability to determine how they should function in relation to other people.

Early care must emphasize links to family, home culture, and home language by uniquely caring for each child.[according to whom?] Infant education is the education of children before they would normally enter school.

The term “Infant” is typically applied to children between the ages of 1 month and 12 months.

Early childhood education focuses on children’s learning through play, based on the research and philosophy of Jean Piaget.

This belief is centered on the “power of play.”

It has been thought that children learn more efficiently and gain more knowledge through play-based activities such as dramatic play, art, and social games.

This theory plays stems children’s natural curiosity and tendencies to “make believe,” mixing in educational lessons.

Researchers and early childhood educators both view the parents as an integral part of the early childhood education process.

Often educators refer to parents as the child’s “first and best teacher.”

Cool School Tools

Back-to-school time means stocking up on pencils, glue sticks and other traditional supplies that generations of kids have stowed away in desks, cubbies and lockers. In elementary and middle schools, teachers usually provide lists of specific items to pick up; and even in high school, many instructors require certain types of notebook paper, pens and the like.

In addition to the classic supplies — crayons, notebooks, rulers — that continually make these back-to-school lists, there are also a number of other ones to keep in mind. Today’s student has an arsenal of utensils and gizmos to help him or her manage workloads and enhance the learning experience. Whether it’s a fresh spin on a classic or a newfangled gadget, these five cool school tools make the grade to get your son or daughter studying in style

Even pre-K students can get a head start on their computing know-how with learning laptops. For less than $50, these laptoplike gadgets can reinforce the basic skills being taught in the classroom with fun, educational games and activities. In their brief history, learning laptops now come in handheld sizes with more sophisticated graphics and an extensive range of software that

What Misconceptions do Students Planning to Study in USA have

Between rising educational cost expenses and the endless stream of horrible scholarships stories about understudy obligation and graduate battles, the thought of studying in USA can be frightening. Numerous understudies are dependent on money related help to survive school, yet understudy advances frequently bring a substantial budgetary weight. This is the place grants can offer assistance. Scholarships in USA are genuinely inexhaustible, yet it is up to understudies to discover the grant opportunities that are a good fit for them. In any case, numerous understudies don’t even attempt.

In the wake of looking into the information, it can be inferred that numerous understudies have confused perspectives with regards to looking for grants. Probably the most widely recognized misguided judgments are investigated beneath.

1. “I am not fit the bill for a grant”

Understudies regularly trust they are not qualified to get help, making them pass up a great opportunity for potential grant opportunities. Actually, there are numerous grants accessible, and not all grants are legitimacy construct or ward with respect to first class levels. On the other hand, colleges don’t generally make grant opportunities simple to discover, so understudies are frequently unconscious of honors which they may be consummately qualified to get.

As innovation

Why Overseas Education Consultants

Education plays an important role in shaping the life of an individual. There are many people who wish to pursue their higher education in their own country while there are others who seek the opportunity of studying abroad. Well, if you are considering to study abroad, then be aware that it’s not an easy task to get admitted in a foreign university. How do you go ahead and achieve what you wish for? There are many overseas education consultants available in different parts of the country that can help you take an informed decision.

There can be various reasons associated with this decision. Many students wish to continue their education in the other country as they might want to get their majors from the first hand sources, or they are fascinated by the other country’s culture or they may be facing some social or political problems in their native country that forces them to leave their country and study abroad. No matter what the reason is behind your decision to study abroad, the study abroad consultants in Delhi can guide you in the right direction. Delhi being the capital of the nation is also the hub of education. Almost all top

Virtual Education for All

So what is online homeschooling high school? Online high school programs are an alternative to traditional high school programs, in that all of the classes are done online versus physically going to a brick and mortar high school for seven to eight hours a day. This virtual high school allows students to obtain a traditional diploma just as they would from attending classes in person. This is not an equivalency diploma or GED and it allows anyone to complete high school classes. This is a flexible program that allows anyone, teen or adult, to finish his or her education online.

Online schooling allows the freedom to work at your own pace, whether faster or slower and the ability to work when it suits you so that you can attend to personal matters without missing class. It’s a customized program that allows you to play to your strengths, take subjects that may not be available otherwise, and graduate with an advanced diploma and college credits from dual enrollment classes, which are actual college classes that can be completed earning both high school and college credit.

These programs allow students a chance to graduate ahead of schedule. The course schedules can be individualized to

BA Oriented Bachelor of Business Administration and Management

Business Administration and Management is normally studied after 10+2 followed by graduation. Such courses normally lead to post graduate degree namely MBA. With popularity and demand for MBA Programmes, some enterprising educational institutions and universities have come up with an idea of offering Business Administration oriented courses at undergraduate level. An offshoot of such programmes is BA oriented Bachelor of Business Administration. After completion of the course, it leads to a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. It is usually a three year course. The students attend regular college to complete the course.


The student must have completed 10+2 or a certificate of higher secondary school certificate. Some universities and colleges conduct their own entrance examination to screen the students. Few colleges and universities consider the percentage of the marks secured by the student at +2 level for offering admission. There is a good response to the course and students with good percentage are securing admission in these colleges and universities.

The course is designed in a way that the student learns different functional areas and tries to develop expertise needed for the smooth functioning of the company. The course content helps to hone the student’s communication sklils, managerial and decision making sklils.

Pursuing Office Administration Program from an Accredited College or School

If you want to pursue office administration course, you can do it through a number of accredited schools and colleges in Brampton, Canada. You just need to enroll in an accredited office administration educational training program. The course is designed to provide knowledge and skills that are required to enter into your desired career. You can be able to earn a diploma, bachelors, or masters level degree in this field.

Diploma level degree

With rise in demand of professional office administrators, colleges and schools in Brampton offer the Diploma in Office Administration to students. This is a tailor made program designed by industry professionals. It covers those skills that prepare candidates to enter in the world of a better career opportunity. Some of the key areas covered by the course include Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Project, Adobe Dreamweaver, personnel management, communication, accounting and many other areas of study.

Apart from that students who enroll in this course learn the skills of quality business communication, customer care, etc. They also develop problem solving expertise, leadership qualities, and positive attitude in order to potentially work with cross culture management.

Furthermore, aspirants are

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Some Special Features of the stream-

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  • MySql Databases are used in this course.

These highlight indicates that PHP Training is a correct decision to all the students for their future heightening. The course preparing aids you to develop your grasp and clear your concepts related to the stream. Our institute provides you a superb preparing for this preparing with an excellent enlightening atmosphere. We have a specialized team of

Why Industrial Training Is Necessary For Engineering Students

Industrial Training is specially formulated for engineering students who have completed their degree or they are in pursuing form of graduation. This preparing is start up for BE, B.tech, BCA, MCA students. The technical preparing program is established for 45 days/6 weeks at the 6th semester of the graduation course. This program shows to the students to select a specific and correct option among the various IT Preparing Courses as their right profession. The technical training includes the industry related course modules which helps the understudies to realize the smaller points of the field/company. It assist you to develop your skill and improve your personality according to your profession.

This preparing module teaches you some particular things in every field that are-

How to work in Real Time Environment on Live Projects?

A brief explanation about the relevant field.

Complete knowledge of the advanced techniques used in various stream.


Usage of different equipments in high-tech labs.

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Primary school league tables how to read the results

Each year, primary school performance tables provide a point of debate among both education professionals and the general public.

Are the results a fair indication of how well a school is doing? Do the tables place undue pressure on schools to get good results at the expense of creativity? And is there a more relevant way of presenting a school’s performance outside of the measures currently used?

Today, when the Department for Education (DfE) publishes the results more than 16,000 state primaries across the country, it is likely that this debate will continue.

So, what do the tables show?
The primary school performance tables show the number of Year 6 pupils taking SATs tests at each school, the average point score of each school and the percentage of pupils getting a Level 4 – the average for the age group – and Level 5 – above average – in reading, writing and maths.

Early indications suggest that the number of schools failing to meet government targets could be slightly up on last year, when there were 767 schools judged to be underperforming.

Trojan Horse school had morality squad

A Trojan Horse school had a ‘morality squad’ which saw prefects spy on other pupils and inform teachers if they were in relationships, a tribunal has heard.

Muslim girls were also told women who refused to have sex with their husbands would be “smited” and go to hell.

Separately, boys were deliberately not taught about how to put on condoms and sex education was only taught in the context of marriage.

A whistleblower who taught at Park View Academy in Alum Rock, Birmingham, also claimed pro-Islam messages were read out over a tannoy system in the playground.

Leaflets preaching Islam ideology were also widely distributed to each classroom.

The revelations were made at a disciplinary hearing at the National College for Teaching and Leadership in Coventry.

Teachers Akheel Ahmed, 41, and Inamulhaq Anwar, 34, are both accused of trying to force extreme Muslim teaching onto the school’s agenda.

The panel heard they belonged to the ‘Park View Brotherhood’ which was part of a wider Trojan Horse plot to takeover schools by hardline Muslim groups.

They face allegations of unacceptable professional misconduct, which brought the

theres more to primary education than maths and English

The primary league tables have been published today. This is how we report primary school performance as a country: essentially, a single percentage generated from student achievements in tests on reading and maths, and teacher assessment of their skills in writing. We collect other data, but this is the headline that dominates reporting.

We’ve seen the price you pay when you measure schools mainly on test results. It happened in Birmingham this year. Ministers used to be fond of claiming that schools who do well in tests also do well in the broader curriculum and character building. Trojan Horse brought that claim crashing down.

At least secondary schools are measured across a broad range of exams, many of which have multiple papers lasting several hours, taken by hundreds of students. Primary schools are essentially measured on two subjects, taken in what amounts to about three hours of tests for the entire academic year, in many cases by fewer than thirty pupils.

It is a fundamental truth of organisational life that you get what you measure. If you measure just two things, from all the many aspirations and goals we have in

School gets record number into Mensa

A school in London has succeeded in getting a record number of students into the high-IQ society Mensa in one go.

A total of 56 pupils at the Heathland School in Hounslow were invited to join the organisation, which is for people with an IQ in the top 2% of the population.

That’s nearly half the number of children who were put forward to sit the test. Figures for the last five years show that on average, 27% of children who are entered by schools are invited to join Mensa.

More than 40 schools across the UK have entered children for Mensa membership so far this year.

On a recent inset day, a number of the new Mensa members volunteered to come in to school for a masterclass in chess. BBC Asian Network went along to speak to some of them.

Twelve-year-old Nauman Nadeem was one of six to achieve the maximum score of 162. He said: “The Mensa test was OK. Some parts were harder than others but I think I did quite well.

“The questions were all about identifying patterns and trying to think

New wave of super size secondary schools planned

Councils across England are planning a new wave of “super-size” secondary schools of between 12 and 16 form groups for each year, a report says.

At least 17 local councils will have these 2,000-plus pupil schools, the Times Educational Supplement found from Freedom of Information requests.

The schools are planned for both urban and rural areas, when pupil numbers reach a peak in the next few years.

The government said larger schools could produce very good results.

Schools minister Nick Gibb told the TES: “If you look at Shanghai, their schools are very large and they produce some very high standards of education.”

One of Shanghai’s top state schools, Shanghai High, has more than 3,000 pupils.

But Mr Gibb added: “The danger of creating schools too large is they may struggle to attract parents.”


The increasing size of England’s schools in areas of high population pressure is not a new phenomenon.

Last year, there were 8.3 million pupils enrolled in schools – up by 1% on January 2013.

What this new data does tell us is how hard that increase, due to a

Oxford University first female head

Oxford University is set to have a female head for the first time in its history, with the nomination of Louise Richardson as vice chancellor.

Prof Richardson is currently in charge at St Andrews and has previously had a senior role at Harvard University.

If she is formally adopted as the 272nd vice chancellor, Prof Richardson will follow almost eight centuries of male heads of Oxford University.

She will replace Andrew Hamilton, who is moving to New York University.

Oxford University appointed its first head in 1230 – and until now all of its vice chancellors have been men.

Prof Richardson has been selected by a nominating committee, headed by the university’s chancellor, Lord Patten, and the decision will have to be approved by the university’s ruling body, the congregation.

She would take up the post in January 2016.

‘Scholarly values’

Lord Patten said the nominating committee had been “deeply impressed” by Prof Richardson’s strong commitment to “scholarly values” and her record as an “educational leader”.

A political scientist, her academic expertise has been in security and terror. She has written books about terror and counter-terror in

Oxford University criticised for gender gap among top earners

Oxford University has been criticised after it emerged that only 8% of its top-paid staff are women.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed there are just 13 women paid more than £140,000 a year, compared with 145 men.

The general secretary of the Association of Lecturers and Teachers said the figure was “very worrying”.

A university spokesman said it recognised the need “to improve gender balance and to address the pay gap”.

He added that 21% of its professors are female, compared to the UK average of 22%, and the organisation is aiming to achieve 30% representation by 2020.

Dr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the ATL, said: “It’s extremely worrying to see that women are still so under-represented in high-earning roles in academia.

“Young people need to see a diverse range of role models to inspire them in their studies and life. What message does this give to young women aspiring to be academics?

“We need to ask why Oxford has so few high-earning females, so few women in leadership and what the barriers are?”


Oxford University publishes sample interview questions

Place a 30cm ruler on top of one finger from each hand. What happens when you bring your fingers together?

Can archaeology prove or disprove the Bible?

Two tricky questions of the sort asked at interviews for Oxford University places, which are being published by the university ahead of the application deadline for 2016 entry on Wednesday.

The aim is to dispel false rumours, explained Oxford’s education and outreach director, Samina Khan.

‘An academic conversation’

“We know there are still lots of myths about the Oxford interview, so we put as much information as possible out there to allow students to see the reality of the process,” said Dr Khan.

“Tutors simply want to see how students think and respond to new ideas.

“We are not interested in catching students out.”

With this in mind, the university asked admissions tutors in a range of subjects for sample questions and tips on answering.

“Interviews are not about reciting what you already know,” said Dr Khan.

She reassured candidates that the interview was a chance to show how they can apply their thinking to new problems in ways